Electrical Contractors

Are you tired of the local bid games?

Are you convinced you aren’t getting the best price or you’re just not sure?

Are you looking to provide greater value to you customer?

Have you wondered how you could purchase lighting, switchgear, and other electrical materials at a National Account level while still operating local?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you need VE Option.

During his nearly 13 years working for an electrical contractor (including estimating, project management, and design), VE Option’s founder discovered the inside track and developed key strategies to give you the competitive advantage you are looking for. Now, with over 33 years of industry know-how, he has developed a road map to buying the right way, taking control of the project, accelerating value to the customer, and growing profits – your profits!

When you become a member of VE Option, you’ll see first-hand what is available to you and the power you have to control your project’s success and keep your customers coming back again and again. Joining VE Option means you will have some of the industry’s best and brightest lighting professionals working on your projects with you – ensuring sustainable, accurate, profitable jobs that garner you the customer loyalty and industry respect you deserve.

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